Multi-media CD

 Customers can make the CD of the enterprise brief introduction, re-mold enterprise image and get the new position again, thus don't need to spend another expensive design fee for CIS. The CD of the enterprise brief introduction can even become your sharp weapon to sell the products, customers can easily understand the enterprise’s principle and product’s property through the effect of the sound and light interaction, lively and vividly present to them. Help the enterprise to discover the larger market and expand the business much easier and effectively. The medium small scaled enterprises usually face the problems like expensive design fee and waste too much time in communicating; these are the reasons why so many owners are hesitant.
 In order to solve these problems, we breaks a tradition and announces the preferential schemes for the enterprise CD, according to client requirement, choose different modules and layouts, with the most substantial price, highest efficiency, and reach the most satisfied result.

The website programs and webpage designing

 "E" is the concept overturns all traditions and it could not be ignored since it becomes the world trend now to the future. In the meantime, the antenna of network is far-reaching, through the establishment of website, can help the enterprise to expand latent customers, also give the unfamiliar customers the chance to find out their products.
 We provide daily record of the monthly calendar / desk calendar / industry and business journal for the enterprise and through the consistent completion of design to printing and binding in special price and the best quality.