Fashion International Advertising Co., Ltd. was established since 1994, combines personnel such asprofessional in proposal and copy writing, design, photography, prints, Chinese-English reporter etc.We have a deep pool of design, printing and publishing, and multimedia marketing production experience. To provide a full range of professional services, continuous self-improvement, expect to occupy a leading position in marketing for customers, and become the best in the brand competition.

      Our current business items include, CIS image design, DM poster design, the product and packaging design, advertising and publicity design, various visual design and printing, the establishment of the industry website, the multimedia compact disc for the company profile and the corporate image video, we also periodically accept the report, compile and print for The Taipei World Trade Center "SHOW DAILY", have the publication of "Asian Moldtech" monthly magazine and industrial product collections. In addition, we also prepare an industry and business investigation group, compile and print multiple businesses, such as industry and business daily record and monthly calendar...etc. Our customers include Ministry of Economic Affairs, R.O.C., Taiwan External Trade Development Council, Taiwan Textile Federation…etc. Since getting those well received by numerous customers, we are not self-satisfied, and keep working our best on all of the works, looking forward for the challenges.Giving the best quality to customers is our pledge.